Kim Ablon Whitney

American author of young adult novels. In 2005 she began writing about horses, with a highly acclaimed young adult novel set on the American hunter-jumper circuit. Since then she has written a teen romance series set against a show backdrop, and another stand alone horse story set on the circuit.

Kim is certainly well-qualified to write about horses and the circuit. Not only is she is a life-long horse-lover and ex-rider on the show circuit herself, she is also a horse show judge.

The author has her own website where there is more about her books and also a short interview with her.

Show Circuit Series:
Series aimed firmly at teens with a strong romance element. Not suitable for younger children due to adult content.

Paperback original
SUMMARY: It's the summer before college. Hannah Waer is on her own at the seven-week summer horse show circuit in Vermont. Her father wants her to learn independence and responsibility so she has to take care of her own horse: which might not be a problem if she'd ever picked out a stall, or prepared a horse for the ring. It also doesn't help that her horse won't jump. When Hannah crashes (literally) into gorgeous and accomplished grand prix rider, Chris Kern, on her first day at the show she's certain her life is over. In fact, it's just beginning.

Paperback original
SUMMARY: Hannah has had to say goodbye to her first love Chris Kern, and head off to college. But once she's there, she can't stop thinking about Chris competing in Florida all winter along with his ex girlfriend, Mary Beth. Hannah is determined to join them in Wellington for the Winter Circuit, but when she finally gets there, it's not everything she hoped it would be. Chris is busy and stressed, trying to rebuild his career and Mary Beth seems set on winning him back.

Paperback original
SUMMARY: Follows the story of Hannah's friend Zoe. When she turned eighteen and became professional, Zoe Tramell's life unraveled. Once one of the top junior riders in the country, now she has no horses to show, debts to pay off, and a court-ordered community service at a therapeutic riding center, Narrow Lane.  When Zoe starts working at Narrow Lane, she's certain she will hate every minute of her time there. But she begins to see how horses can be important beyond the show ring. She also finds a derby horse in the barn of a local trainer, John. Gidget has all the talent to win on the 'A' Circuit and Zoe wants to take the mare all the way to Derby Finals. If she can put herself back in the winner's circle, she's sure top barns will be clamoring to hire her. But when she finds herself falling in love with John, she has to ask what's more important: re-establishing herself as a top rider, or finally being with a good man.

Paperback original
SUMMARY: Hannah and Chris have been apart ever since the winter circuit ended. It's now fal, nearly a year later. Hannah is at college, making new friends and riding on the IHSA team. Chris is recently back from Europe and competing in the east coast fall shows in hopes of qualifying for the World Cup Finals. Both are trying to forget about each other and move on with new people. But as Autumn turns to winter, forgetting about each other becomes harder and harder for Chris and Hannah. Will they be able to stick to their plans to live their own lives, or will they come back together?

Collector's Info:
The full series is still in print (as of Summer 2018) and is available in the UK and USA. Also available as kindle e-book.

Other Horse & Pony Books:

(KNOPF [USA] 2005)
Reprinted in paperback by Laurel Leaf
Reprinted in paperback by Createspace in 2015.
EDITIONS PICTURED: Laurel Leaf paperback, 2015 paperback.
SUMMARY: Set on the US hunter-jumper circuit. Francie is the daughter of one of the grooms at a stables run by a top equitation expert. Although she is allowed to train as a student there, she finds it hard to be the only one without money or status. Can she prove she is as good as the others?
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Paperback original.
Regan has always had the best ponies on the 'A' Circuit. So it's no surprise when her mother wants to buy Woodland's Tried and True as her next medium pony hunter. But what if Regan doesn't want another fancy pony to add to her string? What if she wants to be more like her friends at the farm: Hailey, who has only one pony, and Jane, who brings along her father's project ponies. But how can she say no to a mother with cancer…?

Collector's Info:
Both books are in print of Summer 2018 and can be found easily in both the USA and UK. Also available as e-books. Second hand copies of the print editions are not hard to find.