Kim Ablon Whitney

American author of young adult novels. Her books are fairly disparate, with the Second World War, sports and new age travellers appearing as themes! One of her novels is about horses and is set on the American hunter-jumper circuit. Kim is certainly well-qualified to write about such a subject, as not only is she is a life-long horse-lover and ex-rider on the show circuit herself, but is also a horse show judge.

The author has her own website where there is more about her books and also a short interview with her.

Horse & Pony Books:

(KNOPF [USA] 2005)
Reprinted in paperback by Laurel Leaf
Also available as e-book.Also available as e-book.
SUMMARY: Set on the US hunter-jumper circuit. Francie is the daughter of one of the grooms at a stables run by a top equitation expert. Although she is allowed to train as a student there, she finds it hard to be the only one without money or status. Can she prove she is as good as the others?
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Paperback original.
In print.
Also available as e-book.
Regan has always had the best ponies on the 'A' Circuit. So it's no surprise when her mother wants to buy Woodland's Tried and True as her next medium pony hunter. But what if Regan doesn't want another fancy pony to add to her string? What if she wants to be more like her friends at the farm: Hailey, who has only one pony, and Jane, who brings along her father's project ponies. But how can she say no to a mother with cancer…?

Collector's Info:
Blue Ribbons and is in print and can be found easily. It is available also as an
The Perfect Distance is no longer in print, although it is available as an
e-book. And second hand copies of the print editions are not hard to find.